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 Sports radio club "Neptune"

May 7, 2018 in the Central district of Sochi was established Sports radio club "Neptune". Its organizer was an active Amateur radio Sochi Sergey Pridachin / RZ6D/.

Currently, the club is in the stage of formation, but is already actively working.

In a short period of time in the club, with the assistance of the local Branch of the SRR of Sochi, 7 Amateur radio call signs were received. The first series of Amateur radio club diplomas was created. Diplomas will be issued through HamLog.

The plans of the club are big, but doable.

Club "Dolphins" works in close cooperation with the New club. It is possible to help in the organization.

We wish the club "Neptune" and its Chairman Sergei Pridachin, success in the development of the club, the activity of club members in all planned activities.


The Chairman of the Local Branch of the RAF, Sochi

V. Lukashov /RK6AX/

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