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1. Generalities

 The Neptune Amateur radio club (hereinafter read NRC - NeptunRadioClub) is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit public Association of Amateur radio operators who conduct radio communications and communicate on Amateur radio frequencies by any kind of communication, who are fond of diplomas and diploma programs, respecting the honor and dignity of any Amateur radio operator.

  1.2. Membership in the Club is based on the principle of voluntariness. A member of the Club can be any Amateur radio, supporting the goals and objectives of the Club. Membership in the Club does not deny the rights to be a member of other clubs.

Funding for various club activities is provided through voluntary personal donations. 

  1.3 the Management of the Club is carried out by the Council of the Club, which is elected by the General vote Of the club members from among radio Amateurs for a period of 3 years. At the time of the current composition of the Club Council elects the Chairman of the Club Council, which represents the interests of the Club in all areas of club activity.

2. The goals and objectives of the Club

  2.1. Association of radio Amateurs interested in radio communication, diplomas and diploma programs in order to meet their information technology and cultural needs.

  2.2. Promotion of work on the air, in order to improve the operator skills of Amateur radio.

  2.3. Exchange of experience and information.

  2.4. Establishment of friendly relations with similar Amateur radio organizations of the world. Participation in joint international Amateur radio programs.

  2.5. Carrying out various activities aimed at promoting the work on the air (radio expeditions, conferences, competitions, diploma programs, work with the media, etc.).

  2.6. Patriotic and agitation-mass work with young people in order to involve them in Amateur radio. Providing technical and information assistance to novice radio Amateurs.

3. Membership in the Club

  3.1. Admission to the Club is carried out on the basis of a personal application of the Amateur radio, taking into account the requirements of the PP.1.2 of these bylaws.


  3.2. The decision to become a member of the Club is made by the Council of the Club within three days after receiving the application from the candidate. At the same time, the Club Council is obliged to familiarize the candidate with the Charter, as well as to inform the candidate of his rights and obligations for the period of membership. Refusal to join the Club may not be motivated by political, religious, national, financial, emotional reasons. The specific procedure of admission to membership of the Club shall be determined by decision of the Council of the Club, provided that it is not contrary to the Charter of the Club and is available for consultation via printed and electronic communications of the Club.

  3.3. A member of the Club has the right to voluntarily leave the Club, and he does not bear any material obligations to the Club, as well as the Club to him.

    3.3.1. Membership in the club may be exercised by the Council of the club. Club members who have made a significant contribution to the development of radio sports and Amateur radio, as well as the achievement of the statutory goals of the club, can be accepted as Honorary members of the club. . The decision on admission to the Honorary members of the club is taken by the Council of the club with the consent of the person accepted as Honorary members. The status of honorary members of the club is determined by the regulations approved by the Council of the club.

  3.4. Exclusion from the Club is a last resort and can only be applied after a warning of violation of club discipline. Exclusion from the Club is possible in case of violation of club ethics, leading to discredit of the Club, its ideas and goals, and individual members of the Club.

   Restoration of membership in the club is made on the General basis of admission to the club.

4. Club member has the right:

  4.1. Take part in all events held by the Club.

  4.2. Report your Club membership when you are on the air. Use the membership number and club symbols on your receipt cards.

  4.3. To elect and be elected to the Board of the Club.

  4.4. To address the Council of the Club with suggestions, comments on improvement of the club work or elimination of existing shortcomings.

  4.5. Receive any information relating to the activities of the Club.

  4.6. To count on the support of the Club with the resolution of issues relating to his Amateur radio interests.

5. Club member must:

  5.1. To Comply With The Statute Of The Club.

  5.2. Take part in the life of the Club ("round tables", competitions, diploma programs, Internet Forum, providing interesting materials for the site.

  5.3. Provide the Council of the Club with all possible assistance in carrying out club events.


  5.4. Promote the Club and work on the air .

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