Sochi repeater RR6AO Loc: KN93WM

receiving frequency/ transmissions

145.787, 5/145.187.5

tone 88.5

Radio club "Neptune" was created by a group of like - minded radio Amateurs in Sochi, The club is an Association of people with interests in the field of Amateur radio communication on short and ultrashort waves. The club accepts all radio Amateurs of the world who want to communicate, participate in diploma programs, fans of the competition.

Board Of The Club " Neptune".

The Chairman of the club - RZ6D Sergei Pridachin

Deputy - R6DJN Grigor Margaryan

Deputy - R7DW Sergey Mokhnatkin

Coordinator - R6DKP Andrey Andronov

Translator - RV6ACC Alex Studenikin

The award Manager-RZ6D Sergei Pridachin

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